Integrating the developing world in global change modelling

Special Session
Wednesday, 27 October, 1995
Session Chair- Berrien Moore III (GAIM Chair)

The Global Analysis, Interpretation, and Modelling Task Force (GAIM) recongnizes the importance of linking regional research programs into the global research questions on which it focuses. Moreover, there is a growing realization of the importance of tropical and subtropical regions in the study of global environmental changes and data requirements to global change issues. The success of GAIM depends on gathering expertise as well as data from the entire planet.

This Special Session of the GAIM Science Confrence has three objectives:

* To discuss current modelling results and future global data needs with scientists from developing countries and to encourage their collaboration and involvement with ongoing international modelling efforts;

* To discuss important, emerging programs in the tropics and subtropics, and

* To better identify the resources and other needs of scientists from developing countries so that they can more effectively gather, assess, and integrate global change data from their regions.


14:30 A Modelling Overview- Berrien Moore III, GAIM Chair

14:45 IGBP Structure and the developing world- Chris Rapley, IGBP Executive Director

15:00 Developing world scientists and international research programs- Peter Tyson, Deputy Vice Chancellor S. Africa Nat'l comm., SC IGBP

15:15 ENRICH: Cooperation with non-EC countries- Anver Ghazi, ENRICH Director

15:30 Discussion

15:45 Integrating the developing world into Global Change Modelling- Wandera Ogana, Kenya IGBP Secr. & African GAIM working group coord.

16:00 Linking regional research programs into international research: An example within GAIM- Carlos Nobre, GAIM Task Force member (Brazil)

16:15 Discussion

16:30 Panel Presentation and Discussion-
Part 1. Links between issues of local scientific interest in developing countries (e.g. land use change and sustainability) and global scientific issues.
Part 2. Resource requirements and funding mechanissm for enhancement of global change research in developing countries.
Ichtiaque Rasool, Chair; Scott Overpeck, H. Ghazi, Peter Tyson, Berrien Moore III, Wandera Ogana, Carlos Nobre

17:00 Adjourn

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