Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)

Gerald Meehl (

CMIP was initiatied in 1995 by the CLIVAR Working Group on Coupled Models (WGCM), and continues to compare simulations from global coupled climate models with components describing atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and land surface.  There have been several phases and activities, including CMIP1 (comparing limited fields from control runs); CMIP2 (comparing  limited fields from 1% per year CO2 increase simulations); CMIP2+ (same as CMIP2 except for all fields for all components from the models have been collected, monthly averaged data and some daily data); 20th Century Climate in Coupled Models (20C3M) which is a pilot study to intercompare limited fields from simulations of 20th century climate with best estimates of the time evolution of various forcings in the simulations; and CMIP Coordinated Experiments, the first of which addresses factors affecting the meridional overturning circulation in the Atlantic in global coupled models. CMIP analyses are being carried out in subprojects approved by the CMIP Panel.  Access to global coupled model data collected as part of CMIP is through the CMIP Panel.  Investigators should send a one paragraph summary of their proposed research to the CMIP Panel chair (Meehl) for approval by the Panel.

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